Saturday, August 15, 2015

Liberal Lies About NC Taxpayer Bill of Rights

Once again, North Carolinians are fed a bunch of liberal propaganda from the editors at the Charlotte Observer.  Last Sunday, they ridiculed the Senates “Taxpayer Bill of Rights” as an August stink bomb sponsored by the evil Koch brothers.  Here are the “offensive” provisions in the bill along with the Disturber’s comments:

▪ It cuts the maximum income tax rate in half, putting a limit of 5 percent on both corporate and personal income taxes;
▪ It locks in spending limits by forbidding an increase in the state budget beyond inflation and population growth, except by two-thirds vote of both houses of the legislature;
▪ It creates a Reserve Fund that can be tapped only by a two-thirds vote of both houses.

All three provisions are proposed constitutional amendments that would have to be approved by voters. Rucho and the other sponsors cleverly scheduled that vote for March 15, 2016. That’s the new date for North Carolina’s presidential primary. Given how that race is shaping up, it’s likely that Republican turnout will be stronger than Democratic turnout that day, boosting the chances of cementing these tax and spending cuts into the Constitution.

Limited government and fiscal responsibility will always ruffle the Disturber’s tail feathers.  They believe the legislature must have freedom to respond to manufactured crises such as education and health care, because when we think of crises, those two always pop up.

And what bugaboo does these lions of liberalism flag as a warning.  Why Colorado of course.

Colorado is the only state with a Taxpayer Bill of Rights. It passed there in 1992. In 2005, Colorado voters, disgusted by what the law had done to state investments in education and health care, loosened its provisions so the state was not limited to the inflation-plus-population formula over the previous year’s spending.

I can safely say anytime the Charlotte Observer makes policy assertions, its best to fact check with a reliable and reasoned source.  Here is Civitas’ response to another Disturber lie:

Big-government advocates, special interest groups and others interested in unfettered expansion of the size and scope of North Carolina government, however, have already began to mount baseless attacks on this fiscally sensible measure. Most of the opposition to HB 188 Taxpayer Bill of Rights is based on misleading and false claims about Colorado’s experience with a TABOR.

This fact sheet examines these claims and provides the truth to counter the well- coordinated but desperately misleading attacks on a measure intended to merely slow the rate of state spending growth.

Here is one example from Civitas report that directly refutes the assertions of the Disturber:


“TABOR’s impact on Colorado’s public structures led to business community leaders from across the political spectrum coming together to call for the suspension of TABOR in 2005.”


·         This “coalition” actually – and unsurprisingly – consisted of special interest groups that benefit from government largesse. Examining the finances behind the movement to suspend TABOR in 2005 reveals[4]:

o    The top contributor to this movement was public sector unions.

o    Another major contributor was the Denver area Chamber of Commerce, a group seeking to benefit from greater government spending on “economic development.”

o    Also among top donors was the construction industry – seeking to maintain high levels of state contracts.

o    Wealthy liberal philanthropists and well-funded liberal policy groups also contributed significantly.

·      The $8 million spent in 2005 by special interests seeking to suspend TABOR was two and a half times the amount spent by groups opposing TABOR’s suspension.[5]

·       In spite of this massive spending advantage, TABOR’s suspension was approved by only a 52 to 48 margin.[6]

It’s never what it seems when you read the Charlotte Observer.  You can read the rest of Civitas’ report by clicking the link below.


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