Sunday, October 11, 2015

Obama Admin. Partners With U.N. to Take Over American Cities

The Obama administration is infested with traitors starting with the president himself.  His crimes, and by extension members of his cabinet, against the America people are too numerous to count.  So, we must focus on his latest lawlessness and contempt for our nation’s sovereignty and our Constitution.

The latest affront by Obama’s DOJ is their attempt at bypassing our federalist system by circumventing the citizenry and taking over local municipalities by implementing a United Nations program called, “Strong Cities Network.”  This initiative is a global program designed to counter local extremists groups.  And we all know who they consider extremists.  Here is an excerpt from Pamela Geller’s column at

Even more ominously, the DoJ press release says that the Strong Cities Network “will strengthen strategic planning and practices to address violent extremism in all its forms by fostering collaboration among cities, municipalities and other sub-national authorities.” Sub-national and international: the press release then quotes Governing Mayor Stian Berger Røsland of Oslo, Norway, a participant in the Strong Cities Network, saying: “To counter violent extremism we need determined action at all levels of governance. To succeed, we must coordinate our efforts and cooperate across borders. The Strong Cities Network will enable cities across the globe pool our resources, knowledge and best practices together and thus leave us standing stronger in the fight against one of the greatest threats to modern society.”

But what is that greatest threat, exactly? Remember, the DoJ presser says that the SCN will “address violent extremism in all its forms.” It also says that it will aid initiatives that are working toward “building social cohesion and resilience to violent extremism.” “Building social cohesion” is a euphemism for keeping peace between non-Muslim and Muslim communities – mostly by making sure that non-Muslims don’t complain too loudly about, much less work against, rapidly expanding Muslim populations and the Islamization of their communities.

It’s hard to believe we have a president purposefully working against the interest of the United States and its people.  It’s even harder to believe we let him get away with it.


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