Sunday, October 11, 2015

The Russian Bear Test America's Teddy

Vladimir Putin smells weakness and Barack Obama reeks of it.  The Russian bear is on the loose while the American teddy nestles in his denial comforter.  The world hasn’t seen Yankee leadership this impotent since the Carter administration.  Hell, many would welcome Jimmy Carter over this limp-wristed, pantywaist.

As of now, Putin is testing NATO’s resolve.  Eyewitnesses have claimed a Russian jet was shot down in Turkish airspace.  So far, there has been no confirmation.   

Nato and the US have been alarmed at violations of Turkish air space by Russian planes.

Earlier this week Nato urged Moscow to end air strikes on the Syrian opposition as fighter jets were scrambled to intercept Russian warplanes that had violated Turkish airspace.

Turkey sent two F-16 jets to head-off a Russian fighter that violated its airspace near the Syrian border last weekend.

At an emergency meeting, NATO warned of the 'extreme danger' of such violations and condemned the incursions.

Last week Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said: 'Our rules of engagement are clear whoever violates our airspace.

Weakness begets aggression.  The world’s thugs don’t play the PC crying game.  You won’t see them bathing their capitols in gay pride flags while denigrating masculinity.  These countries are lead by men of action, not schoolmarms.


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