Friday, October 30, 2015

Rep. Robert Pittenger's Big Government Ride

A recent poll reflects the discontent conservatives have with their party.  Sixty percent of republican primary voters stated they felt betrayed by their representatives and leadership.  I can state most emphatically, I am one of them.  Recently, the House of Representatives passed a budget without debate.  They shoved it down our throats.  Worse, they funded Barack Obama’s policies and executive orders without putting up a fight.

I called my congressman’s office to vent my displeasure.  Here is how that conversation went, more or less.

Minion:  Congressman Pittenger’s office.

Me:  It’s my understanding Mr. Pittenger voted for this monstrous budget, yesterday.

Minion:  That’s correct.

Me:   Can you tell me when we can expect Mr. Pittenger to change his party affiliation?

Minion:  Would you rather have the government default on its obligations.

Me:  The federal government will not default on any of its obligations.  They just collected over $3 trillion in revenue.  What you’re saying isn’t true.

Minion:  Would you have us shutdown the government?  You need to know basic civics.  The budget has to pass the Senate.   Even if it passes the Senate, the president will veto it.

Me:  First of all, the federal government will not shutdown.  Second, the federal government is not the country.  We’ll do just fine without Washington D.C. breathing down our necks.

Minion:  So, you would furlough our customs and border agents.

Me:  The federal government has a constitutional obligation to protect our borders and its citizens.

Minion:  What about the hundreds of thousands of federal government employees?  What about their families?

Me:  What about them?  Maybe, they should find honest work and earn an honest day’s pay like everybody else.  These bureaucracies aren’t constitutionally required.

Minion:  Maybe, you should take some law classes.

Me:  Maybe, you should read the U.S Constitution.  There are only seven articles in it.

Needless to say, I will not vote for Robert Pittenger in the primary, or the general election.  I may even be tempted to vote for his democratic challenger.  Why not?  He’s funded the Democratic Party’s agenda since he’s been in office.  We might as well cut out the pretense.


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