Saturday, October 3, 2015

The 14th Amendment: A Vehicle for Illegal Aliens and Traitorous Presidents

Is there no end to the bastardization of the 14th Amendment?  This post-civil war measure was designed to protect ex-slaves and their progeny while at the same time disenfranchised southerners who participated in the rebellion.  That was it.  Now it’s a vehicle for activist judges who seek to impose their social justice policies upon the country while at the same time conferring more power to the central government.  This is not how are federalist system is supposed to work.

The 14th Amendment has wrought upon this country another unintentional consequence.  Illegal aliens and residential non-citizens are being counted in the census.  This distorts our congressional districts and ultimately the Electoral College.  The Politico reported the following:

The distribution of these 435 seats is not static: they are reapportioned every ten years to reflect the population changes found in the census. That reallocation math is based on the relative “whole number of persons in each state,” as the formulation in the 14th Amendment has it. When this language was inserted into the U.S. Constitution, the concept of an “illegal immigrant,” as the term is defined today, had no meaning. Thus the census counts illegal immigrants and other noncitizens equally with citizens. Since the census is used to determine the number of House seats apportioned to each state, those states with large populations of illegal immigrants and other noncitizens gain extra seats in the House at the expense of states with fewer such “whole number of persons.”

This math gives strongly Democratic states an unfair edge in the Electoral College. Using citizen-only population statistics, American University scholar Leonard Steinhorn projects California would lose five House seats and therefore five electoral votes. New York and Washington would lose one seat, and thus one electoral vote apiece. These three states, which have voted overwhelming for Democrats over the latest six presidential elections, would lose seven electoral votes altogether. The GOP’s path to victory, by contrast, depends on states that would lose a mere three electoral votes in total. Republican stronghold Texas would lose two House seats and therefore two electoral votes. Florida, which Republicans must win to reclaim the presidency, loses one seat and thus one electoral vote.

Americans have to ask themselves, how can a man like Luis Gutierrez openly advocate for open borders and the interest of illegal aliens over his fellow countrymen and still get elected? Better yet, how can the electorate vote for a president who obviously doesn’t have the country’s best interest at heart?  Can anyone say, Barack Hussein Obama?

If Americans truly want a president and their representatives to look after their best interest and ultimately the country’s best interest, we must repeal the 14th Amendment.


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