Friday, May 6, 2016

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Are One in the Same?

There are many republicans who are very angry over the prospective nomination of Donald Trump.  Many don’t see the difference between him and Hillary Clinton.  Some of these bitter-enders are raving mad with hyperbolic invective.  The Blaze published a rant written by Matt Walsh that is over-the-top.  Here is an excerpt:     

They’re both elitist progressives. Both pathological liars. Both morally bankrupt. Both narcissists. Both entirely unconcerned about the issues and willing to take whatever position assures them more power. Both Statist. Both authoritarian. Both tyrants, the only difference is that Trump actually ran on a platform of tyranny – promising to murder women and children and squash dissent. etc. – whereas Clinton has to pretend she’s not a tyrant. That means Trump will have a mandate for tyranny that Clinton will, much to her chagrin, not be granted.

Trump promised to murder women and children and squash dissent?  Is that part of the party platform?  Come on!

I too am concerned about a Trump presidency.  I doubt this man understands federalism or has read the Constitution.  What troubles me is he might act like Barack Obama by incessantly using executive orders in an attempt to bypass Congress.  Worse, he might act like Obama by using the federal bureaucracy to harass citizens who disagree with his policies.  That is a possibility.  Power is a temptress.

However, there is a silver lining in a Trump presidency.  He might just do what he campaigned on, except of course raising tariffs which would be a disaster.  And if he transgresses, the American people will come to the realization, if they haven’t already, that Washington D.C. is completely corrupt and incapable of reforming itself.  The States will have affirmation that an Article V convention must be convened and force the federal government at all levels, including the Supreme Court and the bureaucracies, to adhere to the rule of law as dictated by original intent in the Constitution.

Is it possible that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton might be one in the same?  It could be.  We might just have to wait and see what bathroom he will use.


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