Friday, May 6, 2016

Venezuela Feels the "Bern"

Garry Kasparov, an ex-Soviet Union citizen, tweeted socialism is a luxury paid for by capitalism.  This man lived the nightmare Bernie Sanders supporters have romanticized.  He and others, who’ve escaped socialist hellholes, wonder how Americans could possibly embrace an ideology that has meted out nothing but poverty and misery.  One only has to do a minimal amount of research to debunk this mythical paradise that only naredewells and college professors embrace.

Venezuela is a perfect example of how socialists can expropriate wealth and impoverished its people.  This once prosperous country was Latin America’s beacon for handouts.  Now look at them.  President Maduro is now the one with hat in hand begging for scraps.

CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) — An association of South American countries on Friday urged the region to help Venezuela keep basic goods on the shelves.
The 12-nation UNASUR group called on every country in Latin America to do what they can to ensure Venezuelans have access to staples after a delegation met with President Nicolas Maduro. Secretary General Ernesto Samper said UNASUR would create a special commission to strengthen distribution chains.
Pantry and cleaning basics like dish soap, detergent, milk and cooking oil, chronically in short supply in recent years, have become been even harder to find in the socialist-governed country since the year started

Venezuela is feeling the Bern.  Fools who believe this can’t happen in the United States have another think coming.


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