Friday, May 6, 2016

Rip Van Winkle State Wakes Up in a Dress

North Carolina was once known as the Rip Van Winkle state.  Tar Heels had a reputation for adhering to an economic model of incremental growth and a virulent suspicion of the central government.  This mindset can be contributed to Nathanial Macon, a statesman and true patriot.  Here is an excerpt from the North Carolina History Project:

Nathaniel Macon’s political reputation and voting record contributed to the nickname’s ascription.  The Tar Heel statesman voted against much economic legislation that increased the national government’s power and influence in the economy.  He believed, for instance, that state-government-sponsored roads were constitutional but federal-funded roads were unconstitutional.  As a result, North Carolina accepted only a slim percentage of federal transportation funds during the early 1800s.  Others believed that such political views retarded the state’s economic progress and contributed to its nickname.  Some even suggest that a lingering Maconite suspicion of government is what prevents some North Carolinians from considering all the benefits that government can bestow upon the state.

No doubt, Macon was a wise man.  Those “benefits” the federal government “bestows” upon states have strings attached that compromise long established moral and ethical codes.  One only has to look to this transgender bathroom absurdity to witness the power one administration can wield simply by threatening to withhold taxpayer dollars as a means to advance an agenda.

This agenda couldn’t have happened without local agitators and their enablers.  North Carolina is infested with liberal rags that incessantly expound the virtues of an omnipresent central government while spitting in the eye of federalism and Christian principles.  Here is an excerpt from American Thinker which accurately details the shenanigans of progressives in the Old North State:

The bathroom wars raging in North Carolina, set off by House Bill 2 passed by the N.C. General Assembly, have attained international attention, partly from a febrile cadre of gay activists, but largely due to the Charlotte Observer that covers the city where the donnybrook began – and N.C.'s capital city daily, the Raleigh News & Observer.  Without these papers, both owned by the McClatchy chain, the bathroom gender issue would have come and gone in a few days.

Whether or not boys who claim female hormones can use the girls' restroom is a red herring for a long-running phenomenon of activists and news outlets joining hands to effect social change to suit their vision of America.  They are at war with the N.C. General Assembly, claiming that H.B. 2 eliminates the option of state courts for claiming discrimination.  However, there is no there there: federal courts adjudicate these matters by long practice anyway, as do state agencies.

The Charlotte Observer claimed in an article, not an editorial, that HB2 outlawed being gay in North Carolina which is an outright lie.  Liberal tactics of hyperbole and dishonesty is nothing new.  However, their anti-family and anti-Christian platform is something to behold.  We can only wonder, when will Rip Van Winkle wake up from this nightmare?


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