Sunday, May 1, 2016

Human Rights and Moral Turpitude

I came across an article that claimed London, England will likely have a Muslim mayor in the next election.  Sadiq Khan will be the first Mohammedan to head a major Western capitol since the Reconquista.  What does that tell you about the state of affairs across the pond?  That sounds rather ominous if you ask me.

After reading that bit of disturbing news, I dusted off my copy of Londonistan, by Melanie Phillips.  I noticed a dog eared page.  Here is an excerpt that many in the States can easily recognize in this Age of the Mad Hatter:

The Gender Recognition Act was passed to conform with a ruling by the European Court of Human Rights.  This ruling laid down that a transsexual had the right to claim that his or her gender at birth was whatever he or she now deemed it to be, as agreed by a panel of experts. 

The act accordingly gave transsexuals the right to a birth certificate that does not record the actual gender into which they were born, but states instead what they were born in the gender that they now choose to be.  While the plight of transsexual identity obviously deserves sympathy, this means that their birth certificate – the most basic guarantee that we are who we say we are – will be a lie.  It means that someone who was born a man, married as a man and fathered children as a man will have a birth certificate, if he so chooses, that says he was born a female.

Worse still, a wide variety of people will be prosecuted if they make known the truth.  Suppose a fitness club advertises for a personal trainer and takes up a reference at another gym for an applicant named Barbara.  If the gym’s owner employed this person as Barry, it will be a criminal offense for him to say so.  So he may be forced to tell misleading half-truths about “Barbara’s” performance.  If a woman becomes a man, “he” nevertheless remains the mother of his (her?) children.  Similarly, a man remains the father of his children and is therefore still liable for child support – even though his birth certificate might say he was born female.  Such are the absurd and unjust contortions that result from a legislated lie – a lie brought into being as a direct result of judge – made human rights law.

Such law is also turning social order on its head along with the concept of right and wrong.

The United States is currently convulsing under a moral turpitude that is slowly decaying any concept of right and wrong, respect for the rule of law and any notion of what constitutes citizenship.  Progressives are employing this “human rights” tactics to what end?  One can look to Europe to see the results.


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