Saturday, March 4, 2017

Obama's Deep State Apparatchiks Expose Russian GOP Operatives

Democrats and their media surrogates want the American people to believe the Republican Party has miraculously been infiltrated with agents for the Russian government.  Anyone who has come into contact with the Trump campaign has a sudden taste for borscht and ducks into corners to take a swig of vodka.  The GOP isn’t known for having totalitarian sympathizers like the Democratic Party.  The world has truly turned upside down.

We should thank Obama’s deep state operatives for spying on Michael Flynn and Jeff Sessions.  These two are so wily one would’ve thought they were just doing their jobs, but in reality they were trying to subvert the electoral process.  Who would’ve thought a conversation with the Russian ambassador at a Heritage Foundation event could’ve led to the biggest electoral upset in American history?  Jeff Sessions is the greatest spymaster that ever lived!

Let’s face the facts; Trump couldn’t have beaten a formidable candidate like Hillary Clinton without Vladimir Putin’s help.  Hillary was so personable and confident and entitled that there was no way she could’ve lost to a walking, talking Cheeto.  I mean, how could the mainstream media be so wrong and so often?  The only answer can be the Republican Party has thrown in with the Russians.  That’s it.  There can be no other explanation.  And to think Hillary Clinton sold 20% of our Uranium reserves to Vlad and his gang only to be betrayed.  It makes you wonder what Trump promised this guy.

The American people should thank Barack Obama for turning our intelligence agencies into a gaggle of third-world apparatchiks.  We can’t wait to find out which Trump surrogate is really a Russian operative.  The possibilities are endless, at least for the next four years.



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