Thursday, March 2, 2017

White Male Privilege Everywhere and You're Welcome!

White men hardly get the accolades we deserve.  Why just take a look around and bask in the wonder of our existence.  Where would the world be without us?  But that’s okay. We don’t need a pat on the back.   Simply knowing we’re white males is privilege enough.  Here is an excerpt from an article published in Taki’s Magazine entitled, 10 Things I Like About White Guys:


If you go to Sundance this year, I highly recommend you rent some skis. Even if you don’t use them, the process is a fascinating example of the incredible systems white men have created. The place can be completely packed but within twenty minutes you’ve: signed a release, had your feet measured, got your boots, been matched up with the appropriate bindings, had them attached to the skis, and paid, all in one long, continuous assembly line.
 We’ve done this all over the world and some don’t seem worthy of such gifts. We brought roads and infrastructure to India and they are still using them as toilets. Our criminals built nice roads in Australia but aboriginals keep using them as a bed. The next time someone bitches about colonization, the correct response is “You’re welcome.”

Indeed, you are.


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