Thursday, March 2, 2017

Smear Merchants Attack Attorney General Jeff Sessions

Democrats would have us believe Donald Trump and all his associates, including cabinet members, are in cahoots with Vladimir Putin.  First they accused a patriot, National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, of being a traitor on the weight of a lie that was leaked from one of Obama’s Deep State insiders.  And now they’re going after Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Now who in their right mind could possibly believe that a decent and honorable man like Jeff Sessions would betray his country?  It wasn’t as if he sold 20% of our Uranium reserves to the Russians, nor did he make promises of having more flexibility after they won an election.  Geez, I wonder who did those things?

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has more character in his little finger than the whole damn Democratic Party.  Who in their right minds could trust the likes of a Chuck Schumer or a Nancy Pelosi?  These people are morally bankrupt smear merchants.

The American people are catching on to the Democratic Party’s tactics.  I hope these scoundrels keep it up.  Nothing will give me more pleasure than watching them get wiped out in the midterms. 

Who’s next Democrats?


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