Monday, July 24, 2017

Fake News Hides Behind the First Amendment

The mainstream medias' hubris is truly astonishing.  These people manufacture stories, use anonymous sources and openly advocate for a political party all the while thinking there will be no consequences for their actions.  As a matter of fact, they’re astonished anyone would question their veracity or mock their fabrications.   

This holier-than-thou mentality is pervasive throughout media and not just the beltway.  The Charlotte Observer believes anyone who questions, criticizes or mocks their reporting or editorials is attacking the Constitution itself.  Here is an excerpt from editorial page editor, Taylor Batten:

Immersed in the throes of such a polarized time in America, and with the president constantly disparaging the media, it is encouraging, emboldening and essential to remember that the nation’s brightest legal minds have understood the importance of protecting a vibrant free press since the founding of the country.

I was reminded of that after Jon Buchan, the longtime Observer attorney and one of the nation’s best First Amendment lawyers, spoke to our newsroom this month. Based on his suggestion, I went back and read landmark Supreme Court and other court rulings in First Amendment cases.

A common theme emerges: A vigorous free press is more than something to tolerate; it is fundamental to who we are as a nation, and an enabler of our democracy. Tireless questioning of government officials, from Trump on down, should not pit Democrats versus Republicans; it should pit those who want authoritarian rule against the rest of us.

Now that’s laughable.  Where was Taylor Batten and the Charlotte Observer when Barack Hussein Obama trounced all over the U.S. Constitution with his executive orders?  Where was the Charlotte Observer when the Obama administration violated the treaty clause when they conspired with the Iranian regime?  Or for that fact, the countless abuses by an authoritarian regime hell bent on transforming the United States of America without our consent?!  Spare your lectures Mr. Batten.  And by the way, the First Amendment doesn’t protect the press from criticism or public censure.

What is really astonishing is these people are incapable of recognizing their own biases; or they do and don't care.  Either way they’ve earned the moniker of “Fake News.”


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