Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Progressive Tyranny Causes Another Great Awakening

A great awakening is happening.  Americans, who believe in our Constitution and a republican form of government, have come to the realization that our birthright has been stolen from us by generations of progressive revolutionaries hell bent on transforming this country into a socialist hellhole, or worse.

Most of us get up and go to work in order to provide for oneself and family. Few think about the machinations of a political and educational class conspiring against our liberties and federalist system.  For me, that ignorance ended with Washington D.C.’s hostile takeover of our healthcare system.  Who would’ve thought that bureaucrats in a distant capitol could have the power to force an American citizen to buy a product that doesn’t pertain to his wants or needs.  Worse, you can only buy that product within a designated time period.  That is about as un-American as you can get.

Ever since this hostile takeover, I’ve been on a mission to educate myself about progressives and the origins of this anti-American movement.  Mark Levin’s latest book, Rediscovering Americanism and the Tyranny of Progressives provides scholarship on the origins of this subversive ideology.  He’ll introduce you to the masterminds, philosopher kings and the politicians that renounced our founding principles for an administrative state whose sole mission is to obtain power and rule over us all.

It has come to the point that when I watch a documentary, I pay close attention to government policies of that period and its consequences.  The Smithsonian Channel produced a film about the Forbidden City.  The emperor who built his “heaven on earth” conscripted farmers throughout the kingdom and raised punitive taxes.  This had serious consequences.  A famine broke out and millions starved to death.

This same emperor only employed eunuchs to govern his kingdom.  These positions were highly sought after, and as you can expect,  the peasantry castrated their sons and sent them off to the Forbidden City in the hope he would obtain a position that would help the family survive their emperor’s cruel economic policies.  However, the unintended consequences produced an army of child eunuchs camped out in the front gates.  

Does anyone remember news stories about millennials wanting employment with the federal government instead of the private sector?  The federal government has been on a mission to castrate private industry.  Soon we’ll have a generation of economic eunuchs seeking employment with the federal government.  Can anyone say, Venezuela?  


I recently watched Ken Burn’s documentary on Prohibition.  Again, that was an eye opener.  The Anti-Saloon league and their fellow travelers in the temperance movement took over local school boards.  They produced textbooks that outright lied about alcohol and how it affected the body.  They stated one drink could destroy the lining of both esophagus and stomach.  These teetotalers were absolutely shameless in their indoctrination.  However, their efforts brought about the disastrous 18th Amendment.  It kind of reminds me of the man-made global warming fanatics that have taken over our modern day educational system.  To a progressive, no lie is too outrageous to advance an agenda.

These same teetotalers also had a complete disregard for the U.S. Constitution when it came to their issue.  After every census, congressional districts are reapportioned.  Progressives refused to comply because they would’ve lost political power to urban Americans who didn’t believe in Prohibition.  This is the only time in American history when congressional reapportionment didn’t take place.

I’ve always been somewhat of a history buff.  I can honestly say that I enjoy reading about great historical figures and events in world history, but I somewhat resent my scholarly pursuit of progressives and the era that has spawned today’s America.  I resent it, because I’m forced to confront a transformation of my country and what it means to be an American.  I am awake!  

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