Sunday, July 30, 2017

Obamacare Violates Antitrust Laws

Washington D.C. is a cesspool of hypocrites, liars, thieves and cheats.  If any law exemplifies the duplicity of that town, it is Obamacare.  These politicians forced a law down our throats while exempting themselves and the apparatchiks in the federal government.  It is quite apparent that no law pertains to those who hold the reins of power.

Collusion is the watchword of today.  We’ve heard all sorts of fairy tales by the mainstream media of a Trump/Russian conspiracy, but none talk about a conspiracy to takeover our healthcare system.  Antitrust laws that have been around for over a hundred years are swept aside because they don’t comport with the progressive agenda.  Here is an excerpt from the Federal Trade Commission describing our antitrust laws:

The Sherman Act outlaws "every contract, combination, or conspiracy in restraint of trade," and any "monopolization, attempted monopolization, or conspiracy or combination to monopolize." Long ago, the Supreme Court decided that the Sherman Act does not prohibit every restraint of trade, only those that are unreasonable. For instance, in some sense, an agreement between two individuals to form a partnership restrains trade, but may not do so unreasonably, and thus may be lawful under the antitrust laws. On the other hand, certain acts are considered so harmful to competition that they are almost always illegal. These include plain arrangements among competing individuals or businesses to fix prices, divide markets, or rig bids. These acts are "per se" violations of the Sherman Act; in other words, no defense or justification is allowed.

Doesn’t the above describe Obamacare?  Didn’t this law fix prices, divide markets, and rig bids?  How is this not a violation of our antitrust laws?  We have states that have only one insurer and others that have whole areas without one.   

How many lectures have conservatives endured about capitalism and corporatism in particular?  These people constantly berate successful companies as monopolistic.  Yet, they’re silent when it comes to Obamacare.

Every progressive I’ve met reduces individuals to economic units.  This is classic Marxism.  These same progressives love to talk about their compassion for humanity while exercising their love of government power over the individual.  They call this great leveling “social justice” where individuals are stripped of their uniqueness and stuck in mire of homogenous misery.

Progressives gave us eugenics in the 20th century.  Where was their humanity back then?  This is the same mentality who fight tooth and nail for an abortion mill called Planned Parenthood.  Do we really want these people to have control over our healthcare?  Can anyone say, “death panels.”  Maybe that’s why this death cult is quiet about Obamacare’s violation of antitrust laws.


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