Tuesday, May 1, 2012

English Defence League Marches in Luton on May 5th

The battle no longer lies in the East, but has come to the West. The Saracens along with their dhimmi horde in Parliament have lay siege to the peoples of Great Britain. On May 5th in Luton, the English Defense League makes a stand.

Here is an excerpt from their website:

Following on from the recent Osman Warning given to Tommy Robinson, we desperately require funds to purchase the following essential items of security for the Luton Demo on May 5th:-

1. Professional Radio Communication Equipment – £2,000.00
2. ‘Offcom’ Private Radio Channel Licence – £250.00

This equipment is needed as a matter of urgency to help ensure the safety of all of our members in addition to Tommy and Kev.

Your security and that of Tommy, Kev and our team of dedicated volunteers that give so much, so often, is paramount.

We can provide the manpower, the dedication, the committment and the determination, but we cannot fund this alone.

Those that so violently oppose us and would seek to destroy all that we stand for work together and pull together in times of need.

Now is OUR time of need, let US pull together!

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