Thursday, May 3, 2012

Illegals Scam Americans Out of $4 Billion Annually Using Child Tax Credit Loophole

A couple of weeks ago, I and many other Americans mailed a check to the Internal Revenue Service. That is money I could have used to make repairs on my vehicle and pay other bills. I’m not a Warren Buffett who bristles at not paying enough taxes. I’m just the opposite. But what I do get pissed off at, is watching others abuse the system in order to get fat refunds.

We have millions of illegal aliens who have come to the United States without permission. It’s bad enough that they take our jobs and feed off our local communities. They are now using the tax code to scam Americans out of their hard earned money. Approximately, 2 million of their numbers have used the child tax credit loophole at a cost of $4 billion annually. And many of their dependents don’t live in the United States.

Is it any wonder that many of us bite our lip and shake our head when we mail these incompetents a check every April 15?

H/T: NC Renegade

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