Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Progressives Want to Move Democratic National Convention Out of North Carolina

The Democratic Party are ruing the day they picked Charlotte, North Carolina to host their national convention. Yesterday, we hayseeds voted for a constitutional amendment that preserves the sanctity of marriage. This reaffirmation of American traditional values isn’t sitting right with “Progressives.”

Progressive forces are petitioning the Democratic Party to move its convention out of North Carolina in protest of the state’s recently enacted ban on gay marriage.

“In protest, the Democratic National Convention Committee should MOVE its convention (September 2012) to a state that upholds values of equality & liberty, and which treats ALL citizens equally,” the petition states.

Initiated by Gay Marriage USA, a gay rights advocacy group, the petition has already attracted 14,946 signatures on its way to an anticipated 20,000.

I hope they succeed. I don’t live too far from “uptown” and will be affected by this psycho circus. The last thing I want is a bunch of anti-American heathens destroying personal property and harassing the citizens of this city. As a matter of fact, if I thought it would keep this scum out of town, I would sign the damn petition myself.


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