Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Charlotte Observer Bemoans Passage of Traditional Marriage Amendment

Yesterday, the citizens of North Carolina joined thirty other states in amending its constitution, reaffirming traditional marriage. For those who are traditionally impaired, marriage means a union between one man and one woman.

Of course, the so-called Progressives are up in arms over this definitive alteration to our Constitution. They believe this act was unnecessary. We already have a law that prohibits same sex marriage. So what is the big deal?

Well leave it to the libtards at the Charlotte Observer to outline all sorts of preposterous scenarios. Here is one of them:

And judges might refuse to issue domestic violence protection orders in cases involving unmarried couples and throw out orders already issued. Under this amendment, North Carolina doesn’t appear to recognize them as having legally-defined personal relationships.

So the editors at the Charlotte Observer would have us believe that Amendment One prohibits restraining orders on non-married persons? Get real morons! Here is another gem from the Disturber:

Duke University professor Mike Munger told the Observer editorial board Tuesday that domestic partner benefits “clearly are in jeopardy.” Unmarried couples who get domestic partner insurance benefits from local governments could lose them. “It’s not clear it’s legal” under the amendment for the governments to offer them, Munger said. Chapel Hill, Durham, Greensboro, and Mecklenburg and Orange counties now provide health care benefits to domestic partners and their children.

Again this is quite simple, get married if you want benefits. Why should the taxpayers subsidize a public employee’s hedonistic lifestyle? And do they seriously believe children of an employee are going to be denied health care benefits? That is an absolutely fatuous statement.

Here is another example of perverse Progressive logic.

Proponents like Rep. Paul Stam, who has been the top legislative cheerleader for the amendment, have said the amendment isn’t likely to have those impacts. But in truth, they don’t know. That’s why many legal scholars expect the courts will adjudicate the matter. Some say the amendment itself is unconstitutional and is just inviting a federal lawsuit challenging its validity.

We hope there is a challenge to this misguided amendment. It was unnecessary. N.C. law has banned same-sex marriages since 1996. This change unwisely writes discrimination into the state constitution.

So if the constitutional amendment is prejudicial and discriminatory, wouldn’t logic render the preceding law the same? According to the Disturber, in their twisted way, the law against same sex marriage is a violation of gay and lesbians civil rights, and should have been challenged in a federal court. But somehow that conclusion didn’t make it into their commentary.

The interlopers at the Charlotte Observer are having a hard time with the poll results. Here is their partying shot at people who value traditional American values:

The state is on the wrong side of history on this matter. Most Americans are increasingly rejecting this type of prejudice against gays and lesbians. A new Gallup poll showed 50 percent of Americans believe same sex marriages should be recognized as legal, while 48 percent say such marriages should not be legal.

Unfortunately, for the commie/hedonist at the Charlotte Observer – 61% of North Carolinians overwhelmingly voted for Amendment One. And every state that has proposed a constitutional amendment upholding traditional marriage has passed it.

Maybe, the editors at the Disturber would feel more at home – let’s say – in San Francisco. Just saying.


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