Thursday, May 31, 2012

Wisconsin Public Employees Flee Democratic Succubus Machine

Wisconsin has been liberated! Public employees have been freed. Their shackles have been cast aside as they stagger from the union machine. More than half of their numbers have wandered into the light as they squint and shield their eyes from the brightness of a new day.

Public-employee unions in Wisconsin have experienced a dramatic drop in membership -- by more than half for the second-biggest union -- since a law championed by Republican Gov. Scott Walker sharply curtailed their ability to bargain over wages and working conditions.

That could mean the sharp losses that some Wisconsin public-worker unions have experienced is a harbinger of similar unions' future nationwide, union leaders fear. Failure to oust Mr. Walker and overturn the Wisconsin law "spells doom," said Bryan Kennedy, the American Federation of Teachers' Wisconsin president.

Wisconsin membership in the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees-the state's second-largest public-sector union after the National Education Association, which represents teachers-fell to 28,745 in February from 62,818 in March 2011, according to a person who has viewed Afscme's figures. A spokesman for Afscme declined to comment.

The Democratic Party succubus has been beaten down. And coming next week, the emaciated voters of Wisconsin will slay this life sucking beast.

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