Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Hugo Chavez "Expropriates" Hell

Welcome to Hell, President Hugo Chavez. Take in a deep breath. Sulfur sure does clear the sinuses. Care to have a little brimstone with that ****sandwich? It’s so sad, many are smiling. You were struck down in your prime. I guess the Devil couldn’t wait for you any longer. Satan has a special place in his blackheart for dictators. Hitler was called to home at age 56. You at least made it to your 58th birthday. Sit down, because you’re going to be there a long time.


What is really disturbing is that the people of Venezuela are deeply saddened and frightened at his passing.  Not the productive citizens, of course, but the perennially impoverished.  This man’s policies caused rampant inflation, high unemployment and a scarcity of goods leading to a black market economy; but somehow this man is loved.
I don’t understand the mindset of Latin American countries.  But then again, I’m having a hard time with Barack Obama’s reelection.  The Democratic Party has noted the Venezuelan experience.   In time, all of us will be “expropriated.”
Source:  http://www.foxnews.com/world/2013/03/05/venezuelan-president-hugo-chavez-dead-vp-says/



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Dard Shayari said...

A true leader never feared for big Power- bully's did his best until his death -and fought for the people's interest not like what we see around us theses days leaders around the world ..may God rest his soul in peace - Good Luck to Venezuela