Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Brad & Britt Show: Radio for the Low Information Voter

I am in radio hell.  The only game in town is 1110 WBT.  And believe me, when Rush Limbaugh states that his show is the fastest three hours in media, he’s not kidding.  Today, I was stuck listening to the Brad and Britt Show.  Sometimes I can handle their insipid commentary and their ill-fated humor, but today was insufferable.

The first hour was devoted to sniggering at citizens who begin their city affairs with a prayer.  The ACLU – a communist organization that devotes its time squashing the free speech rights of Christians – has filed a lawsuit.  Brad Krantz thought it a waste of time and money that a government entity should defend its rights.  When a caller asked why he was against city councilmen, or county commissioners engaging in prayer, he stated it was unconstitutional.   I’m here to say he’s wrong.

Any student of history can tell you that the U.S. Constitution would not have been ratified had it not been for the Anti-Federalist demanding a Bill of Rights.  The state of North Carolina waited until after the Bill of Rights passed when it finally ratified the Constitution.  And why was this demanded?  Because they did not trust a central government and wanted to protect the States and their citizens from federal tyranny.  The founders’ intent was reaffirmed during the Marshall Court.  Barron v. Baltimore set a precedent stating that the first eight amendments did not pertain to the States.  But as we’ve witnessed, the Supreme Court is fickle, especially when it's infested with progressives.

Next, I had to endure the sanctimonious testimonials of “republicans” whom have left, or are leaving the party.  The first was especially galling.  A 77 year old man stated he had been a republican all his life; but no more.  He demanded that the party raise his taxes; embrace universal health care and gay marriage; and chuck the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Glenn Beck.  Oh, and by the way he voted for Obama!  And did Brad and Brit question the authenticity of this caller?  Hell, no!

Then came the best caller of them all.  A world-weary 27 year old – fresh from law school – lectured everyone above the age of 50 on how to run this country.  And what special knowledge did this oracle have that none of his elders could possibly comprehend?  He knows the meaning of derivative markets.  Wow!   That is amazing.  It’s amazing that this snot-nosed kid thinks he’s the only one who knows what derivative markets are.

The wizard wasn’t through lecturing.  He proclaimed that traditional marriage was hedonistic, and true freedom is gay marriage.  This coming from a punk whose only reference of liberty is what encompasses his cubicle.  And what was Brad and Britt’s response? You’re great.  We enjoy your enthusiasm.

As I listened to this nonsense, the only thing I could do was shake my head.  If this is what our country has come too, we’re lost.  And the saddest part, is when our liberty has truly been taken away, the libtards won’t even know the difference; because they never comprehended what freedom meant to begin with.

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