Sunday, March 24, 2013

Detroit's Liberal Legacy: A Dictatorship

Detroit’s liberal legacy is coming to fruition.  The governor of Michigan had to install an emergency manager to oversee its affairs; practically giving him dictatorial powers.  The other alternative is bankruptcy.   Corruption, generous contracts to labor unions, a faltering auto industry, and a fleeing population are just some of the factors that lead to the dissolution of a once proud and prosperous city. 
Detroit has become so dysfunctional, basic services have been neglected.  Police don’t answer calls.  Broken street lights aren’t being replaced.  And of course, the citizens want something done about it; yet, protest this “power grab” by the governor.  Here are some of the powers granted to Kevyn Orr, the appointed emergency manager:

 Under a revised state law governing emergency managers that will go into effect on March 28, the same week that Mr. Orr is to begin his job, he will be granted sweeping powers to remake the city’s financial plan, change labor contracts and sell city assets. He will make $275,000 a year, nearly all of it paid by the state, and may choose to hire staff to be paid for by the city. Many of his decisions will trump those of elected officials, although some leaders — most notably Mr. Bing — have indicated a willingness to collaborate with Mr. Orr.
Despite Mr. Orr’s legal background, he said he hoped the city would not ultimately need to file for bankruptcy. Municipal bankruptcies are rare, but it was lost on no one that the state had selected an expert in bankruptcy law for Detroit, as opposed to a financial accountant, former city manager or elected official. Under Michigan law, a city can file for bankruptcy only under certain conditions, including if an emergency manager has attempted other measures and concluded that such a move is needed.

I just hope the irresponsible behavior by Democrats at the national level doesn’t translate into a Detroit legacy.

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