Monday, March 18, 2013

Scarequestration Comes to North Carolina

“Scarequestration” has come to North Carolina.  It’s amazing how the reduction in the rate of growth of the federal government can cause such a stink.  More importantly, how much the federal government is involved in our everyday lives.  The Obama administration has been on an unprecedented scare spree.  The Clinton years pale in comparison to this.  Here is an example of what is happening:

Every slaughterhouse in the state must have a meat inspector on hand before it can process chickens, hogs or other animals. Certain meatpacking processes also need to be inspected in order to carry on operations.
Some of those inspectors work directly for the federal government. Others work jointly for the federal government and the state Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. The state and federal governments share half the cost for those joint inspectors.

Furloughed federal inspectors and less money to pay for joint inspectors could mean that everything from liver mush for in-state consumption to hamburger patties packaged for overseas sales could be slowed down.

"That's going to back up the farm," Agriculture Commissioner Steve Troxler said Tuesday morning after sharing the looming problem with other members of the Council of State. Animals stuck on the farm mean higher prices for farmers and potentially higher prices for consumers.

Roughly two-thirds of the revenue in North Carolina's farm sector goes to meat producers, Troxler said. So, this rather big wrinkle in "protein production" could severely affect the industry.
It could be two or three months before the slowdown fully hits, he said, because federal inspectors must receive at least 30 days' notice before they are furloughed.

Here we have another government agency running roughshod over us plebeians.  What’s particularly insulting is that this progressive era law was based on a lie.  The Food and Drug Act of 1906 was passed because of public hysteria perpetuated by muckraking journalist, especially by Upton Sinclair.  This man was a self-loving misanthrope.  His book The Jungle was a complete fiction passed off as fact.  No one could prove the accusations by this dirtbag socialist.   But that didn’t stop the progressives from taking control over the food supply.   And if you thought Nanny Bloomberg was wacky, let’s take a look at Harvey Washington Wiley.

 Wiley is known as the “father of the Pure Food and Drug Act.”  This man was as crazy and corrupt and the day is long on the summer solstice.  It paid to be friends with this nutter.  Henry John Heinz can attest to that.  Here is an excerpt from Judge Napolitano’s book, Theodore and Woodrow:

Several food industries supported Wiley, and he attempted to ban their competitors by using his theories about adulterated foods.  For example, he attempted to pass legislation against foods such as margarine and glucose in order to please the dairy and sugar industries’ lobbyists.

Wiley promoted a federal ban on food additives only after his friend Henry John Heinz was able to find a way to make ketchup without additives.  Wiley’s connections to big business were the driving force behind his alleged health regulations.  He put off his own agenda until his friend would be exempt and left Heinz with a virtual monopoly.

I highly recommend this book.  Judge Napolitano’s details how the progressives manipulated and outright lied to the public in order to pass their agenda.  Now, we’re seeing the fruits of these nanny staters.  These progressives will starve us, just to prove a point.


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