Saturday, November 14, 2015

Is Union Worth the Price of Liberty and Limited Government?

It’s becoming quite apparent that a substantial percentage of American citizens have either rejected the blessings of liberty for themselves and posterity, or they have no understanding of freedom and the responsibility for which that entails.  We have raised a generation of participation trophy recipients who want to be rewarded for not participating.  Today’s youths demand a safe place, a bubble if you will, from offensives, real or perceived.  Decades of progressive policies have culminated into a regressive state of infantilism.

One must ask, what will be the future of the United States in an age of thumb sucking and whining?  Can this country remain half free and half aggrieved?  Can a people survive the velvet chains of perpetual shaming for the sins of past generations?  Is it possible for the United States to remain prosperous when so many have rejected the principles of our founding while denigrating our history?  Can we ultimately survive the cries for totalitarianism by the intolerant left?

Progressives believe there is salvation through government.  God is dead.  Government is eternal and caring.  Apostles of the bureaucracy will embrace the easily offended in a bubble blanket of security.  But for this to happen, one must give up his freewill for the greater good.  Supplicants must renounce the U.S. Constitution and the principles of limited government and celebration of the individual.  They must denounce Christian morality for the purification of collective salvation.

Liberals have been successful in turning Christianity into a pejorative even to the point of bastardizing our history.  They have declared America was not founded by Christians; instead, the people who fought, died and forged this great nation were deist, humanist, and atheist.  Even the second greatest event that reshaped this country has been calculatingly rewritten.

The American Civil War reshaped the way citizens of the United States perceive the federal government.  Yes, slavery was an abhorrent institution; but that was not the reasons the North rejected the principles of our Declaration of Independence by invading the South.  Northerners, as documented by myriads of diaries and writings, believed the United States was destined for greatness.  They believed in the providence of God and that the United States had a mission to spread democracy and Christian values throughout the world.  The South had no right to defy God by seceding from the union.

I believe it is safe to say, progressives have rejected this doctrine of Christian morality and democracy.  As a matter of fact, they have torpedoed the very institutions that were once lauded as essential for a civilized people.

Americans must ask themselves if a bubble blanket and a safe place are worth the loss of liberty and limited government.  The larger question is has this union ran its course.


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