Wednesday, November 4, 2015

North Carolina's Tale of Two Senators on Federal Budget

Once again, North Carolinians are confronted by a tale of two senators, both republican, who’ve voted differently on a federal budget that funds Barack Obama’s disastrous policies and executive orders while raising a debt ceiling this nation can ill afford.  One must ask, why the disparity?  It’s obvious.  One is up for re-election, while the other is sucking up to the Washington D.C. establishment.

Here is Mr. Up for Re-election:

Burr said in a statement that the legislation "relies on accounting gimmicks to make the numbers work" and will increase the national debt because it does not address "fundamental fiscal imbalances" in the federal budget.

"It is deeply irresponsible to expect future generations to pay the price for our budget gimmicks and unsustainable spending," he said. Burr added that provisions reducing the cost to the federal government of its crop insurance program will hurt North Carolina farmers.

Here is Mr. Establishment Suck-up:

Tillis said the agreement "is far from perfect, but it does contain a number of provisions that are good for all Americans, including helping to strengthen the Social Security disability program" and increasing defense spending.

He said he would prefer a more comprehensive solution to federal budget issues but was unwilling to see the negative impacts of a shutdown or debt default on the economy.

"We cannot afford to continue to move from crisis to crisis," Tillis said in a statement. "With the clock ticking closer to a potential government shutdown, and with the President signaling he would essentially allow the nation to default on its debt, this agreement was the only option to keep our fragile economy from falling off a fiscal cliff and plunging us into another painful recession."

Isn’t it time we repeal the 17th Amendment and re-establish States representation in the Senate?  I don’t know anyone else, but I’m tired of Washington D.C. playing the States and its citizens for a bunch of chumps.


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