Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Obamacare Co-ops Close Doors

Well, what do you know?  Over half of Obamacare co-ops are closing their doors.  Did anyone see this coming?  Of course we did!  Any reasonable person forecasted this man-made disaster.  When I say reasonable, I mean anyone who is not a democrat.  Here is the postmortem by an analyst:

 “Now what made them attractive was they’re offering lower premiums so more people want to sign up for that, but that’s a dangerous proposition where you’re making up your losses on volume,” saidThomas Miller, a fellow specializing in health care policy at the American Enterprise Institute. “You’re getting more people, but those extra enrollees you’re bringing in are being underwritten at a loss.”

“Only in Washington would a group of bureaucrats think they knew how to micromanage ‘competition’ instead of letting consumers and markets do what they do best,” said Rep. Kevin Brady (R., Texas)

Here come the cries for a single payer system; health care by federal bureaucracy.  These people will never learn.    


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