Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Man Assaulted for Confederate Flag Decal on Truck

Barack Obama’s demagoguery and contempt for police officers, the rule of law and generally anyone who disagrees with him has emboldened the dregs of society who have the same world view as he does.

This so-called president is a racialist.  He has encouraged movements like Black Lives Matter, and others who see nothing but skin color and are willing to act upon their hatred.  A man was assaulted by a group of black men at hotel parking lot in Salt Lake City simply for having a Confederate flag decal on his truck.  Here is an excerpt from Fox News:

Leeper’s friend, who is not identified, owned the truck, which was parked in a lot outside the Red Lion Hotel and reportedly filled with $50,000 worth of welding equipment.
At some point Sunday, Leeper said he looked out his hotel room window and saw a group of black men converging near the truck. Leeper and his friend, who were in town for a Garth Brooks concert, went out to confront the group, and the incident quickly devolved into a fight.
“They were telling him he needs to move his truck, it’s their parking lot,” Leeper told FOX13.
After Leeper’s friend was knocked to the ground, the group of men goes after Leeper, pummeling him repeatedly. A picture taken at the scene shows him with blood around his nose and mouth.
“The point is, it’s my right to drive any kind of vehicle I want,” Leeper said. “If I want to fly the Confederate Flag, it’s my right.”

We are living in a post-constitutional America.  Our rights are slowly being diminished.


 H/T: Free North Carolina

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