Saturday, November 14, 2015

Muslims Takeover a Michigan City Council

The American dream is happening in a city outside of Detroit, Michigan.  Muslims have taken over a city council, and a message of love and peace were given to a minority population who have the courage to remain. reported the following:

A cell phone video, taken moments after Muslims received the word that they took over the city council, has surfaced of one of the organizers of the Muslim city council effortsaying, “Today we show the Polish and everybody else…” The town has a large but shrinking Polish community.

How ugly. How fast.

They won — are they incapable of being gracious? Don’t answer that. The message is clear: non-Muslims move or else.

Yet when the Muslims gained control of the city council last week, a local reporter, Will Jones, summarized how immigrants had “dramatically changed the face and culture of this community,” and said exultantly, “Now, the Hamtramck City Council is going to reflect that diversity.”

Let the peace begin.


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