Monday, May 8, 2017

Democrats Conflate Health Insurance with Health Care

Liberals are masters at manipulating people.  They drive an agenda by bastardizing the language and feeding off our fears and nothing can be more frightening than a hospital bill.  A trip to a doctor can have serious financial consequences.  Hell, an appointment to obtain high blood pressure medicine can cost $200.  That is an outrage.

One of the reasons for outrageous health care cost is the third-party payer system.  The patient has been removed from the cost/benefit analysis which in turn inflates market prices and propagates monopolies.  Progressives are the driving force of this distorted market.  They have conditioned Americans into believing health insurance is the same as health care and now their mission is to bastardize the meaning of pre-existing conditions.  Here is an excerpt from a McClatchy article:
Under the 2010 Affordable Care Act, individual health coverage must be offered to people with pre-existing conditions, which can be anything from asthma, acne and obesity to cancer, heart disease and AIDS.
And how many people are considered to have pre-existing conditions?
The GOP bill provides $15 billion over nine years and another $8 billion over five years to help cover people with pre-existing, chronic conditions. But that would cover only about 110,000 people, according to a new analysis from Avalere Health, a DC consulting firm. Avalere estimates that 2.2 million people with individual coverage have pre-existing conditions.
I thought pre-existing meant an uninsured person with a health condition.  But then again, these are the same people who believe health coverage is the same as health care.  

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