Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Republican "Donor Class" in Panic Mode

Americans should initiate a referendum to change the name of Washington D.C. to Libtardville.  Republicans may have control of Congress and the presidency but that doesn’t matter to a vocal minority.  Democrats have demonstrated they can derail a legislative agenda simply by making wild accusations and throwing ridiculous temper tantrums.  Elections don’t matter to the Deep State and liberal media.

Republicans need to grow a pair.  Has anybody heard from our congressional leaders?  Is Senator Mitch McConnell still breathing?  Does Speaker Ryan have laryngitis?  Maybe if they spoke up and defended President Trump their skittish “donor class” wouldn’t be in a panic.

The source, who described the GOP donor community as “shell-shocked” and more inclined to focus on the House and Senate right now, ultimately pointed to the reports of pressuring Comey. If true, it “meets a broad definition of obstruction of justice,” the donor said, adding that it’s likely that Democrats would “go forward, at some point,” with impeachment proceedings.

“That’s certainly going to bog down any legislative agenda,” the Republican added.

At a gathering of the Republican Governors Association at a Trump resort in the Miami area this week, donors were also anxious, consumed by the feeling that “it’s going to be impossible to get anything done,” said one Republican operative in attendance.

“They’re flipping out like everybody else, of course they are,” said the operative, going on to add, “People are in meltdown mode.”

These people are pathetic.  


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