Monday, May 8, 2017

North Carolina Prospers in Spite of Liberal Hysteria

Libtards in the state of North Carolina must have lockjaw from eating all that crow.  How many times were we told HB2 would be our death knell?  How many apocalyptic editorials, cartoons and fake news articles were published in local papers condemning republicans in our General Assembly for daring to be fiscally responsible?  Too damn many!

So as you can imagine, I was completely surprised to read two articles in the Charlotte Observer about our amazing economic prosperity.  Both were buried, however, we must give credit when it is due.  Here is an excerpt from one:

Legislative budget writers will have more funding to work with after North Carolina’s projected revenue surplus grew slightly to $580.5 million, according to projections released Friday.
The numbers show that tax collections and other revenues are about 2.5 percent higher than what state leaders budgeted last summer. The latest surplus estimate is an increase from a $552.5 million surplus projected in February.
Senate Republican leaders say they plan to unveil their budget proposal on Monday or Tuesday and vote on it by the end of the week. The House will then develop and pass its own separate spending plan, and then leaders from the two chambers will work out a compromise budget and send it to Gov. Roy Cooper.

Blue states can only dream of a surplus.  Senator Phil Berger attributed this good news to tax cuts and sound economic reforms.  The accolades don’t stop there, North Carolina has a No. 1 Prosperity Cup Ranking.
Acknowledging that it will “come as a shock to some” given the furor that enveloped the state after the controversial House Bill 2 became law last year, Site Selection magazine has ranked North Carolina tops in economic development.

North Carolina’s No. 1 rating for 2017 – a ranking that is based on 2016 data – didn’t come out of the blue. Last year the state tied with Texas for the No. 1 spot in the magazine’s Prosperity Cup ranking, which it previously called Top Competitive States.

But in the latest rankings North Carolina has no peer. Texas fell to No. 4, behind Tennessee and Georgia.

Will we see editorials praising republicans for sound economic policies that has made our state the envy of the country?  I doubt it.

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