Wednesday, May 3, 2017

"Legal Citizen" Scared of North Carolina Schools

There are times when I read an article or an op-ed and my credibility radar goes off.  That was the case with a piece written by Blanca Hernandez which was published in the Charlotte Observer:

My 8-year-old son came home from school one day last fall and told me his teacher asked him about his citizenship papers. “Mommy, you always forget,” he said, worried I had forgotten to sign some field trip permission slip. “It was embarrassing.”

I stopped fixing his snack.

“What did you say?” I asked.

“She asked me where I was born, and then asked me if I had citizen papers,” he said. “I know you and daddy were not born here, and she asked where I was born. I got so nervous that I forgot I was born in Virginia, so I said Colombia because I love my family in Colombia. Then she asked me about those papers you didn’t send.”

Does this sound credible to you?  Can you imagine a teacher asking a child about his citizenship status?  I don’t think so.  What I can imagine is an activist completely fabricating a story so as to gain sympathy for a cause.  And come to find out, Blanca Hernandez is an activist.  Here is how the Charlotte Observer described this woman:

Blanca Hernandez is a Mexican-American mother of two children who lives in Union County. She is the co-founder of United Women for Change, a group formed after the November election to empower individuals in the area to promote inclusiveness and diversity.

Ms. Hernandez implied in her op-ed that being a “legal citizen” or an illegal alien shouldn’t matter.  I find it amazing that an immigrant, who took the time to become a “legal citizen,” valued her adopted country and its laws with such low regard.


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