Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Liberal Hysteria at Defcon 1

Libtards have reached defcon 1 hysteria level.  This is beyond Bush derangement syndrome.  We have entered into a whole new dimension of stupidity and outright silliness that is beyond anything I’ve experienced or read in American history.  

As of today, Democrats and their progressive masters in the media are manufacturing a narrative that President Trump, our commander in chief, gave away classified information to the Russians.  The very premise is absurd.  The President of the United States determines what is classified and what is not.  He was elected to dictate policy.  To state otherwise is to acknowledge that the Deep State exist and nameless, faceless bureaucrats are running the country.  If that is the case, I dare these loudmouths in Washington D.C. to admit it.  Do it!  I dare you!

Liberal hysteria goes beyond this Russian and James Comey nonsense.  Last week, I was listening to NPR and these people were absolutely hilarious.  According to these so-called intellectuals, Donald Trump has turned the United States into a kleptocracy verging on third-world status.  Oh, and by the way did I forget to mention he was fascist?

Isn’t it interesting that these people have conveniently forgot about the Stimulus Bill boondoggle that Obama’s bundlers fed off.  Now that was kleptocracy.  And if we’re going to discuss betraying a nation, how about Obama’s Iranian deal ?  This man colluded with the mullahs by funding terrorist organizations and ensuring a nuclear Iran.  How does it feel knowing an apocalyptic regime hellbent on destroying Western civilization will have the tools to bring about armageddon?   As far as I’m concerned that is treason.

No link between Trump & Russia No link between Assange & Russia But Podesta & Clinton involved in selling 20% of US uranium to Russia

And let’s not forget who the real Russian agents are.  Hillary Clinton brokered a deal that ultimately sold 20% of U.S. uranium to the Putin regime.  And we’re to believe the Trump administration betrayed American interest?

The media, Democratic Party and Washington D.C. establishment have shamed themselves.  Long gone are the days of Daniel Webster, John Quincy Adams, John C. Calhoun and Henry Clay.  Now we have the likes of Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and RINO’s who’ll sell themselves to gain favor from moral derelicts and malicious reprobates.

Make no mistake, our republic is in danger but it’s not from President Donald Trump.



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