Friday, October 29, 2010

Charlotte Observer Endorses Larry Kissell

The Charlotte Observer (to no one’s surprise) endorsed Larry Kissell for North Carolina’s 8th Congressional district. Here are the reasons cited by that rag:

8th District: Larry Kissell

Freshman Democratic U.S. Rep. Larry Kissell faces Republican Harold Johnson and Libertarian Thomas Hill in the district that stretches from Charlotte to Fayetteville.

The 8th District includes Anson, Richmond, Scotland, Hoke, Montgomery and Stanly counties as well as portions of Cabarrus, Mecklenburg, Union and Cumberland counties. It takes in affluent areas near Charlotte, and battered manufacturing areas in the region. Fayetteville's Fort Bragg is located in the district, so there are strong military interests. But many parts of the district are rural, with high levels of joblessness and poverty.

We recommend Larry Kissell. Kissell's background gives him insight into the multi-level needs of this district. A former textile worker, he became a classroom teacher after the plant he worked at closed.

Kissell's votes his first term have put him in the ideological middle of the House, according to a National Journal analysis. Testament to that? He's been endorsed by the National Rifle Association and the N.C. AFL-CIO. He's independent-minded and doesn't always stick with party-backed legislation. He voted against the health-care reform bill because of his concerns about the effect on Medicare.

Libertarian Thomas Hill has been barely visible so the matchup is essentially between Kissell and former sports broadcaster Harold Johnson. Johnson doesn't have a depth of knowledge about the issues or the district. His campaign has mostly parroted GOP talking points.

Kissell's campaign mantra has been "the best way to get re-elected is to do a good job." He has done a good job and deserves a second term.

So the Charlotte Observer is endorsing Kissell based on his independent thinking, coupled with the endorsement of the NRA and the AFL-CIO. Well, let’s take a look at the independence of Mr. Kissell. Had Nancy Pelosi needed his vote, there is no doubt in my mind that he would have bent over and grabbed his ankles. The 8th is a fairly conservative district and Speaker Pelosi didn’t want to needlessly alienate a blue dog if unnecessary; retaining power is first and foremost important to these statist scumbags.

The National Rifle Association along with other organizations usually back incumbents. The VFW just dropped their PAC because of their outrageous endorsements of politicians like Barbara Boxer who are hostile the military. The NRA knows that the chances of defeating an entrenched politician are difficult and there is no reason to incur their wrath.

The endorsement of the AFL-CIO is nothing to brag about. Their president is a known communist. I would be ashamed to have that organization back me.

When Larry Kissell voted against Obamacare and the cap and trade bill, I called and congratulated him. I even went to his office in D.C. and wrote a note of thanks; but what is not mentioned are the procedural votes that allowed those bills to come to the floor; and Kissell is guilty for allowing that to happen.

What is even more disturbing is Larry Kissells spendthrift mindset. He seems to think that the best way to represent a district is raiding the U. S. Treasury. The country can’t afford politicians with this mentality. The country can’t afford Larry Kissell.

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