Friday, October 29, 2010

Real Man of Genius: Bill Maher

Here’s to a man whose inflated ego and superiority complex can match no one except the possibility of his hero: Barack Hussein Obama. Bill Maher you are a real man of genius. Only you can denigrate Americans who disagree with you as a bunch of hillbillies who need to be dragged into the ‘19th Century’. Wow, I wish I had your sense of self-worth.

While the rest of the country is eating opossum soup and cleaning their one tooth with a clipped toenail, you are hobnobbing with the “beautiful people” at the Playboy mansion. While the unwashed masses in fly over country are dancing with their snakes on Sunday, you are nursing a hangover with some whore you picked up at an exclusive nightclub.

Bill Maher you are a genius. You have a show on HBO that no one watches and yet you get paid well for your self-congratulatory intelligence. We plebeians quake in our boots at the brain power that you emit. You must be the offspring of alien beings.

Just what are you to do with us low lives that have the audacity to live in your world? Is there a final solution for the enfeebled and malformed? Do tattooed people make good lampshades?

So here’s to you Bill Maher. I would toast you with champagne, but can only afford my hillbilly moonshine.

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