Saturday, October 2, 2010

One Nation Rally Trashes National Mall

This is unbelievable!  These commie bastards lecture us on being stewards of the environment and then turn around and trash our National Mall.  Maybe we should grab Obama and his hypocritical minions by the scruff of the neck and rub their noses in the mess they made.

I attended the 9/12 march, the Michelle Bachman health care call, and the 8/28 rally; and everyone of us took care to show the proper respect that Washington D.C. deserves despite the snobbery of the beltway elites.  We made sure that we picked up after ourselves.

You would have thought that these freeloading socialist would have taken heed and followed our example; but hell no!  Look at the mess they left!

I don't ever want to hear another sanctimonious environmentalist lecture me again.



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