Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Help Save the Pumpkins!

Stop the vegecide! Every year millions of pumpkins are cruelly bludgeoned and disfigured; their guts scraped and unceremoniously thrown out on old newspapers. Why? So they can be used as lamps. Oh, the horror! Oh, the vegemanity! Not even pumpkins from the sincerest patch escape the degradations of mans contempt for all of plant life.

A study from Michigan State proves that plants have feelings:

Researchers from Michigan State University have discovered that plants have a rudimentary nerve structure, which allows them to feel pain. According to the peer-reviewed journal Plant Physiology, plants are capable of identifying danger, signaling that danger to other plants and marshaling defenses against perceived threats. According to botanist Bill Williams of the Helvetica Institute, "plants not only seem to be aware and to feel pain, they can even communicate."

Can you not feel their pain? Can you not hear their cries? A pumpkin’s tears are just as real as yours. Please stop. Please for the love of God show mercy.


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