Thursday, March 24, 2011

N.C. State Legislator: Illegals Are Americans Too!

North Carolina has a sizeable illegal population, and they are trying to gain legitimacy through the use of Mexican Matricula Cards. The General Assembly’s judiciary subcommittee passed H.B. 33 which prohibits the use of these cards as a legitimate form of identification.

Deborah Ross, a representative of N.C. District 38, voted against this measure. She believes that anyone who was born in the Western Hemisphere is an American. Borders and citizenship mean nothing to this woman. You ask where in the hell is District 38, and who are the morons that voted this self-loathing American (or should I say North American) into office? That’s right Wake County.

Is it any wonder that this state has a $2 billion budget deficit when you have people like this running the show? Thank God the citizens of North Carolina, (not the Americas) threw the Democrats out of the majority this past November. If the people of Wake County value their citizenship, they will get rid of Deborah Ross in the next election.


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