Monday, September 24, 2012

America's Illegal Alien Schizophrenic Disorder

America has a schizophrenic disorder when it comes to illegal aliens.  The federal government has outlawed employment of the “undocumented.”  Yet, the Supreme Court has ruled that States and local governments must educate – at taxpayers’ expense – their children.  The States want federal immigration laws to be enforced, but the Obama administration refuses to do its job, and of course the Supreme Court has backed the Anointed One’s noncompliance.

Some of those very States, who are bitching about this invasion, have extended workers’ compensation to injured illegal aliens.  So, let’s recap.  The federal government has prohibited the employment of illegal aliens.  The States are upset that the federal government isn’t doing its job.  And to top it off, last year, the Supreme Court refused to hear a Louisiana case involving an illegal alien and workers’ compensation.

Are we dysfunctional or what?

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