Wednesday, September 19, 2012

France to Close 20 Embassies Over Mohammad Cartoon

After all that has happened, do we need more evidence that Islam is incompatible with Western Civilization?  What does it take for everyone to wake up and say enough is enough, and that we will no longer accept these heathens into our countries? 

A French satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo, is publishing another cartoon lampooning the so-called prophet Mohammad.  The last time this happened, their offices were firebombed.  The French government announced they’ll close 20 embassies in the Muslim world in anticipation of violence.  Worse, they have a huge diaspora ready to turn their neighborhoods into an apocalyptic inferno.   

Of course the dhimmis in the French government strongly disapprove of any provocation:

Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius told FRANCE 24 on Tuesday that while he respects freedom of expression, he sees “no point in such a provocation.” Stressing that the French government would never encourage the cartoons’ publication, he called for “reason to prevail.” Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault issued a statement Tuesday saying: “In the current climate, the prime minister wishes to stress his disapproval of all excess and calls on everyone to behave responsibly.”

What kind of a culture can be so humorless, that they will rape, pillage and kill others over a stupid cartoon?  I’ll tell you what kind; one that is stuck in the 7th Century.  


Anonymous said...

The west is incompitable with islam. The west is the devil and doesn't want to obey God.

TLCoston said...

Especially when Islam's God is Satan. So, Yes the West is incompatible a blood thirsty ideology that is your moon god. So how about staying in your third-world hell hole and leave the rest of us alone.