Friday, September 7, 2012

The Democratic Party Has Become the Anti-American Party

The Democratic National Convention is over. Delegates and their slavish, media lapdogs are leaving Charlotte. The Democrats are exuberant and can’t wait for the “transformation of America.” What that means is a repudiation of everything this country has stood for since its founding. Everything “traditional” is up for slaughter.

The DNC intentionally left out God and dismissed Jerusalem as the capital of Israel from its platform. And when the leadership tried to interject the two back – an act which requires a two-thirds majority – the delegates defiantly stood their ground. Thrice they rejected God and our ally, only to have the leadership run roughshod over their protestations.

But that wasn’t the only rule that was broken. The rule of law was also openly flaunted. For the first time in American history, an illegal alien addressed a major party at its convention. The Democrats openly mocked our immigration laws and denigrated the rites of citizenship. What we witnessed was a refutation of everything “American.”

The Democratic Party has become the Anti-American Party.


Dai Alanye said...

Madness and crime, accompanied by some pretty sentiments.

BTW, it should be flouted (treated with disdain) not flaunted (displayed.)

TLCoston said...

thanks for the correction