Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Mitt "The Redeemer" Romney vs. Barack "Pound of Flesh" Obama

We are live in Washington D.C. Here tonight at the home of the Potomac Potlickers where the corruptocrats plot to enslave you and me is the fight for America’s soul. Tonight’s matchup pits a European socialist against a Mormon capitalist. First we introduce the champion.

In the left corner we have a Marxist/Islamophile from the south side of Chicago weighing in at a pound of flesh. He’s a community organizer with no real world experience, but with a know-it-all attitude that overwhelms his opponents. His record is spotty and pathetic. I introduce to you the president of the United States – BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMAAAAAA

In the right corner, we have the challenger, weighing in at a shadow of himself. He’s a former governor and successful businessman who has created thousands of jobs. He’s a professed constitutionalist and advocate for prosperity. Welcome the Mormon from Michigan – MITT “THE REDEEMER” ROMNEYYYYYY

It didn't take long for Obama to deliver the first low blow:

Ouch…that was taken out of context. Obama’s minions blocked the full speech. The Redeemer shakes it off:

This is going to be dirty fight all the way to November folks.

Source: http://www.businessinsider.com/five-key-swing-states-obama-romney-presidential-election-2012-6

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