Saturday, September 15, 2012

Obama's Prison Yard Bitch Diplomacy Backfires

Congratulations Barack Obama. The world is ablaze. Our embassies have been sacked and burned to the ground. It’s open season on our ambassadors and citizens. And it’s all because you donned on a pair of “hot stuff” pantys and wiggled your ass to all the illiterate inbreeds in the Muslim world. You thought your prison yard bitch approach to foreign policy would mollify a people whose only reference of self-government is through the prism of dictators. What a disaster.

And what was the catalyst for this conflagration? What kind of effrontery could give these degenerates a license to sodomize and kill our ambassador? If someone told you a movie that denigrates their so-called prophet, Muhammad, you would laugh out loud in disbelief. But that is the pretext. By the way, no one has seen this movie.

And to make matters worse, the morons in our State Department apologized for our “freedom of speech.” Secretary Hillary Clinton had to give a fifth grade tutorial on how our style of government works, after Egypt’s newly elected thug demanded that Obama arrest the filmmaker.

What does democracy look like? A mob if you live in a Muslim country. And why should we expect anything different. Their prophet and standard-bearer of humanity was a despot. That shouldn’t surprise anyone. As we’ve seen, it takes a beast master to tame these packs of wild dogs.

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