Friday, March 21, 2014

Dissolution of the American Creed

The world is witnessing a wave of secession movements.  Eyes are currently on the Crimean Peninsula.  Its majority Russian speaking residents voted in referendum to come home to mother bear.  This movement first started after the dissolution of the Soviet Union.  Those in the know weren’t surprised when this began to happen.  That’s why the Obama administration looks like a bunch of incredulous fools.

Scotland is also in the process of seceding from the United Kingdom, along with Catalonia from Spain.  But the big surprise is Venice.  It seems they and their northern brethren are tired of Rome’s fiscal mismanagement: 

For decades there has been deep-seated dissatisfaction in the rich northern regions of Italy with what is widely regarded as inefficient and venal rule from Rome, as well as resentment that hard-won tax revenues are sent south and often squandered.
About 3.8 million people in Veneto are eligible to vote. Campaigners want a future state to be known as Repubblica Veneta — the Republic of Veneto.
They acknowledge that the vote is not binding on the national government in Rome and could cause a big constitutional upheaval, but insist that if it passes, they will start taking steps to withhold taxes, in what would effectively be a unilateral declaration of independence.
“If there is a majority yes vote, we have scholars drawing up a declaration of independence and there are businesses in the region who say they will begin paying taxes to local authorities instead of to Rome,” Lodovico Pizzati, the spokesman for the independence movement, told The Daily Telegraph.

Will the United States witness another secessionist movement?  We have just as much to complaint about as the aforementioned.  I would say even more.  Our founding principles and Constitution have been forsaken.  And it all started with the Civil War.

When the South seceded from the Union, Northern aggressors violated the tenets of the Declaration of Independents.  That was the first salvo of dismantling our founding principles.  Yes, slavery – an evil institution, was a factor in the South’s contention for parting ways, but so was the mercantile policies of Washington D.C.

The South first threatened to secede during President Andrew Jackson’s tenure due to unfair trade practices.  He squashed that movement in its cradle.  Vice President John C. Calhoun and South Carolina trembled from fear of Old Hickory.  Everyone knew Jackson meant business, unlike our current president.

War eventually came and the South lost.  And despite the crimes of Northern occupiers, who raped, murdered and pillaged the vanquished, the country coalesced around a common core of culture, language, God and the principles established in our Constitution.  Those tenets are the pillars of our prosperity.  Progressives have been on a mission for over the past 100 years to topple them.  Here are a few their initiatives:

The 14th Amendment allowed the federal judiciary to impose its will upon the States in violation of the 9th and 10th Amendments.

The 16th Amendment allowed the federal government to extort States with “free money” and punish them if they don’t comply.

The 17th Amendment excluded States’ legislatures from the political process in shaping federal law.

Then Congress made themselves irrelevant with the advent of the 1946 Administrative Procedures Act, now we have unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats imposing rules and regulations without our consent.  This is a complete violation of separation of powers as outlined in our Constitution. 

The systematic dismantling of our founding principles is enough to ensure the dissolution of the United States.  But the Progressives aren’t satisfied with that.  They have embarked on an even more destructive path, and that is dividing the population into squabbling subset groups vying for political advantage.  So much for E pluribus Unum.  Progressives laugh at the notion.


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