Saturday, March 1, 2014

Take Heed California, Look at the Crimea

Take a look America, do you see what’s going on in the Ukraine.  The Crimean peninsula is being taken over by the Russian bear.  You have to hand it to Putin.  Those ex-KGB agents sure can smell weakness and self-loathing.   Our Dear Leader reeks of it.  This so-called defender of the free world isn’t going to do a damn thing, and everyone knows it.

Hell, if Mexico had its act together, it would be a fine time to invade California.  The situation is almost the same.  The Crimean peninsula has a Russian majority population.  They’re waving the Russian flag and demanding Putin to take over.  Where ever you go in the American Southwest, you see Mexican flags.  I wouldn’t doubt the reception would be the same.

Next year it is predicted California’s Hispanic/Latino/Mexican population will outnumber whitey for the first in its history.  They too have a separatist mentality.  It was just reported that students are banned from wearing any apparel displaying the American flag on Cinco de Mayo.  That’s right, you can’t be a proud American for fear of offending Mexican children who are living in and benefitting from the United States.  And yet, they allow it.  Obama syndrome is contagious.

Ever hear of Aztlan?  It is a mythical land that covers the American Southwest supposedly once owned by the Aztecs.  Mexican separatists believe it was stolen from them, and they want it back.  Well in a couple of years, when they are sure to have the numbers, they could just take it themselves without aid from Mexico.  What’s Obama going to do?  What are those limp wristed, pot smoking, she-males in California going to do?  I’ll tell you, absolutely nothing.  It’s yours for the taking.

However, just because we have a bunch of punks in the White House doesn’t mean the rest of the country won’t do anything.  First of all, I’d take out their aqueducts.  Southern California would be a desert without them.  And I don’t believe they have a Spanish manual for repairing them.    So this little reconquista would fail, and  it would be a fun exercise in pest control.  Besides it would expose this illegal alien invasion for what it is. 

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