Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Millennials Angered at Obama's Betrayal

Millennials are awakening to the betrayal of President Hope and Change.  Barack Obama doesn’t have the skill or charisma of a Bill Clinton to openly lie to the American peoples face and make them love him for it.  Very few sociopaths possess that kind of talent.

 The older you get, the more suspicious you are of others intent, especially from politicians.  Millennials, however, are new to the game, therefore, those lies cut deep as demonstrated in the above video.  Those lies have consequences.  A Pew study outlines the cynicism of today’s youth.

Why are young people less trusting than their elders?  The Pew study offers several hypotheses:

·         Racial diversity.  Minorities have historically been less trusting than whites.  The millennial generation is far more diverse than their elders — 43 percent are minorities.

·         Internet usage: Millennials are strongly connected to online communities and friends.  The average millennial has 250 Facebook friends.  Strong Internet connections may lead to closed social networks and a wariness to put too much trust in people who are not part of your network.

·         Pessimism for the future.  However, the Pew study finds that millennials are upbeat about the country’s future and their own prospects for financial success.
  is the key to explaining lower trust.

But we should reconsider these conclusions. My research strongly suggests that economic pessimism, not racial diversity or the Internet,is the key to explaining lower trust.

As long as Washington D.C. is considered the manager of the economy, this malaise will continue.

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