Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Illegal Aliens Suck on Obamacare Teat

When Rep Joe Wilson called Obama a liar during the SOTU, he was correct.  Illegal aliens are signing up for taxpayer subsidized Obamacare in droves.  In Oregon, an estimated 4000 have been approved.  And what is their excuse?  Here is an excerpt from a Michelle Malkin article published in the National Review:

One Oregon Obamacare manager defended the unlawful illegal-alien enrollment by explaining: “We were just getting people into the services.” And there’s the rub. The imperative of these government social engineers is to herd as many “clients” into taxpayer-subsidized programs as possible. Just last week, Obama’s Homeland Security secretary Jeh Johnson publicized an open letter to families with illegal-alien relatives promising that no one would be deported for seeking Obamacare services.

“No one in America who is eligible should be afraid to apply for health coverage because they have a family with mixed status,” Johnson assured. And in another sign of how the White House is still planning for mass illegal-alien amnesty, Johnson also made clear: “Enrolling in health coverage . . . will not prevent your loved ones who are undocumented from getting a green card in the future or who do not yet have a green card at risk.”

Come one, come all!  Democrats have a taxpayer teat you can suck on.  Obamacare, it’s not just for citizens anymore.


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