Saturday, March 22, 2014

Obama's Constitutional Violations Bracket

Since Obama is using his time picking teams for his NCAA bracket, others are doing the same, except they are seeding his constitutional violations.  One republican congressman is using his picks as a campaign promotion.

Conservative Nebraska Senate candidate Ben Sasse, who has been surging since being labeled the anti-Obamacare candidate, has released a "Constitutional Madness" bracket to highlight the lawlessness of the Obama administration. 
"Which is President Obama's worst constitutional violation?" the bracket says. "Make your picks!"
Pairings include "allowing congressional Obamacare subsidies" versus "forcing taxpayers to violate religious conscience by funding abortion through Obamacare" to "Using the IRS to suppress free speech" to "Secret monitoring of Fox News and the Associated Press."
Sasse, who has vowed to take on the permanent political class and has already clashed with the Washington establishment, was most recently endorsed by former Alaska. Gov. Sarah Palin

Does Warren Buffett have any bets on this one?

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