Sunday, June 12, 2016

Muslim Terrorist Exacts Sharia at Gay Night Club in Orlando

It appears we have another Islamic massacre.   This time the slaughter happened at a gay night club in Orlando, Florida.  The murderer is an American citizen born to Afghan parents.  Of course, the murderer’s parents deny this has anything to do with the “religion of peace,” but we know better and we can expect a lot more killings of this nature since Barack Obama is importing as many of them as possible.

American’s are paying a high price for this mass immigration of a people whose culture and values are hostile to Western civilization.  The cost for relocating Syrian refugees to the United States starts off at $20,000 per person.  That doesn’t include welfare benefits. 

Statistics on federal support for refugees, according to the Office of Refugee Resettlement

Pete Hegseth pointed out that a large number of refugees receive further federal support, including food stamps, Medicaid and housing assistance, which could also incentivize refugees to flee to the U.S. as opposed to other destinations.

"I think these numbers will surprise a lot of Americans," Hegseth said. "A lot think, 'Hey, the benefit is being able to come to the land of opportunity, like America.' But most people don't realize there's a lot of money that comes along with it."

Taylor noted that average Americans and legal immigrants don't get the same "federal safety net" as these asylum seekers.
Muslims have a name for blood and treasure paid by the kafir, its called jizya.


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